E3 11: What is your dream game announcement at E3?

At this year’s E3, I would love to see a brand new StarTropics game. The first two games on the NES are two of my favorite games of all time, and it would be so amazing to see a new sequel set in that same pleasant, colorful, unique universe. 3DS or Project Cafe is just fine, Nintendo. I am not picky. Thanks in advance!

Will this announcement happen? Not likely. But that shouldn’t stop the fun speculation! One of the most entertaining parts about E3 is the approaching excitement revolving around what crazy, out-of-nowhere game announcements may happen at the big show.

So that’s what this post is all about! What is your dream game announcement at this year’s E3? It can be anything! The more unlikely, the better! And who knows? If The Secret is to be believed, anything you put in the universe is bound to come true!

Keep reading for all the other Destructoid editors’ picks for their dream game announcements, and then hit the comments and share your own. LET’S MAKE THESE GAMES HAPPEN, DESTRUCTOID! We can do it!

Oh, also? A Full Throttle sequel, please. Thanks!

I’m going with one that has a decent chance of happening, I think. At this point, Pikmin 3 for Cafe. It’s one of Nintendo’s few games where HD can have a remarkable impact — I may or may not have emulated Pikmin 2 on my PC before — and more system power equals greater scale, something I badly want for the series. It’d also be a good fit when you consider the new controllers. I’m having flashbacks to the Dreamcast VMU.

The Orgy ™ console is announced, which plays games from any system announced in the last 20 years in 1080p.

I’m kidding.

I think my head would explode over Mega Man 2 HD.

One of my dream game announcements would be a new HD follow-up to Secret of Mana for the SNES. Same “sprite” graphics in full on HD that explores the world after the first game (i.e. Matango, Pandora, and Potos Village). If this were to be announced at E3, I’ll totally run on stage and perform an interpretative dance to the theme that plays in Gaia’s Navel. (I LOVE THAT SONG!! <3 <3)

Actually I want to see another Enslaved. I fell completely in love with that game and its world and want to explore it more and more. I’m pretty sure the lackluster sales mean it’ll never happen, but that would be awesome. Also, Battletoads because they’re awesome.

I want Dynamite Headdy 2 because, dammit, if Rayman can make a comeback then why not that other hero with the disembodied head? I also want a brand-new, top-down Zelda for home consoles, but that’s never gonna happen.

I want Ubisoft to announce that the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise is in fact a prequel to the Deus Ex franchise, because when you think about it, that is the natural progression of things.

An all new, totally sprite-based 2D fighting game from Capcom that looks like Street Fighter 3 and features characters from every era of Capcom’s history: Strider, Amaterasu, Sissel from Ghost Trick, Frank West, the gay samurai from Gunbird 2, Poison, Mega Man, no-dreadlocks Rad Spencer — the works.

Failing that, I’ll take Viewtiful Joe 3.

(And I’m 99% sure Jordan will get his wish with Pikmin 3 on Cafe.)

I’d kill for a new Suikoden game on 360 and PS3 — one that takes the series into the HD era in a big way. Huge full-scale army battles with thousands of characters on screen at once, a totally original battle system, and a story on par with Suikoden 2. Bonus points if they make it open and complex without requiring a FAQ to play halfway correctly.

If there’s any info on Borderlands 2, I might uncontrollably hump everything in sight and then pass out for 20 minutes.

I have a horrible and beautiful dream where Zynga has the biggest booth at the show. They announce that they bought Eve Online and that it will be moving to a Facebook-only format in order to make ‘the epic brand of Eve Online more accessible to a synergistic demographic’. Anyone within a 20 ft. range of a player would be hit with a Gallagher concert-esque spray of brains, blood, and bits of skull as their heads simultaneously explode.

There’s one game that I can’t imagine ever happening but would make me void my bowels in excitement over should such a thing be announced. In my fantasy, this is an open world title from Rocksteady in which you would control a team of crack commando unit hiding in the Los Angeles underground trying to clear their names for a crime that they didn’t commit. Utilizing each member’s unique skills in the arts of deception, mechanical engineering, armed combat and piloting they survive as soldiers of fortune while putting together the pieces of the conspiracy which has forced them to live as fugitives. All the while, helping the citizens of LA.

Provided of course that these people have a problem, nobody can help them and said commando unit can be located.

Do want all of the above!

I’ll gladly take an announcement by LucasArts that they are creating a narrative-driven open world Star Wars game with Republic Commando and TIE Fighter ground and space combat elements. In which you are a team of bounty hunters, working for the New Republic after the Battle of Endor and using all kinds of weaponry and space craft, of course! 

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System 2 is the game I would love to see announced. The original is one of the toughest, funniest, most unique games of the last generation, and despite critical acclaim it sold like dogshit. I’d love nothing more than for Activision to get the former Swingin’ Ape people together and start work on a new Metal Arms. Chances of that happening are somewhere in the “never” region, but a guy can dream.

An announcement for a new, real, direct sequel to Chrono Trigger made by someone competent at Square that wouldn’t be anything like the other games Square’s been shitting out the last four years would probably make me cry.

Okay, so you know Oblivion and Fallout? Right, well. I want that, but I want it set in the world of Beatrix Potter’s children’s books about animals. Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddleduck. Flopsy Bunnies and Mrs. Tiggywinkle.


Now it’s your turn! What would be your dream game announcement at E3? Remember, whatever you say in these magical comments may actually come true. SO NO YARIS II JOKES! We can’t take any chances.


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