E3 11: GameTrailers TV and some blonde dude talk E3 2011!

If you are up late tonight, feeling good after a couple glasses of red wine, and are in the mood to have your eyes and ears snuggle up next to an overly excitable guy talking about what he thinks will happen at this year’s E3 … well … you are in luck!

Tonight on GameTrailers TV, I join Geoff Keighley and some fellow industry writers to discuss what we think might be some of the big news at this year’s E3!

I don’t feel like I did a very good job during this appearance (I was distracted by the awesome Rampage cabinet in the GameTrailers TV offices), so hopefully I say something at least semi-intelligent. From what I remember, I did mention taking off my top and throwing it up on stage during the Nintendo Press Conference at some point. My mom is going to be so proud!

Anyway, check it out on SPIKE at 1 AM EST! I hope you like it! (And I hope I don’t make that big a fool out of myself!) Thanks again to Geoff, the producers, and the incredible crew for having me on! You all are awesome!

Chad Concelmo