E3 10: Yakuza 4 on the floor (it rhymes!)

While some people might still be working their way through Yakuza 3 (you know, slower gamers) Sega is hard at work in getting Yakuza 4 ready for an English release. Well, kind of hard at work. It’s going to take them until next year to bring us the next chapter and it has already been released in Japan. Of course you know this story, so just hop up and check out our off-screen footage of the game at E3.

It’s looking a lot like a Yakuza game, right? With the punching and the stuff that is in Yakuza games. You know, the things Yakuza games have. There’s stuff and other stuff.

Fine. I’ve never played one. I’m sorry, OK! I miss games. Lay off me. You don’t understand the pressure I’m under! God, you just won’t let me live! I love Billy and we’re going to get married! I HATE YOU ALL, AND I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. Here, let’s pretend I’ve played Yakuza and just forget the whole thing happened.

Matthew Razak