E3 10: Will Scribblenauts 2 suck? Watch video, decide

The first Scribblenauts was a bold experiment that tripped up a bit in its execution. That’s why I’m willing to give the second Scribblenauts a try because I believe that there was magic there under the poor controls and crappy physics. 5th Cell is hoping you feel the same way too as it rolls out Super Scribblenauts.

We got some video of it on the show floor, and, as you can see, it does look much improved. The addition of being able to chain together words and use adjectives is pretty killer as well. Of course none of this amounts to a hill of beans if the game isn’t any fun,  but we won’t really know that until we get to play it in full.

Sorry that the reps in the vid are the most uncreative people ever. Practically all the adjectives and nouns in the English language and they write “Golden Car”? Sigh.

Matthew Razak