E3 10: This trailer tells the tale of DeathSpank

By reading Hamza’s and Dale’s previews of Hothead Games’ upcoming action role-playing title, DeathSpank, I’ve become quite interested in the game, since its premise — there’s a dude who thinks he’s destined to be a hero, so he acts like one, except everyone seems to be in on the joke but him — sounds like it’s ripe for comedy. The trailer above, which explains a bit more about the game’s story, piqued my interest even further with its beautiful-looking cutscenes.

The voice actor for the titular hero also sounds perfect for the part; the game’s co-creator, Ron Gilbert, also seemed to think so, which is why he cast him, I guess. The idea of “Monkey Island meets Diablo” sounds pretty enticing, don’t you think?

DeathSpank will be out this summer on Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network.

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