E3 10: The Million Dollar Man puts Carnage in a headlock

You know, strange things go down at E3. Take the interview above for example. One moment our very own Jon Carnage is interviewing Ted Dibiase, the original Million Dollar Man, and the next he’s in a headlock. Even now the man is dangerous, and this only cements that fact that he should forever remain a heel in all of our eyes.

He and his son, Ted Dibiase Jr., were at E3 supporting any and all wrestling games that THQ is putting out. Smackdown vs. Raw seemed to be at the forefront of the conversation along with plenty of wrestling talk. I’m a bit envious of Jon because when I was a kid I had a Million Dollar Man stuffed doll thing that was awesome and now he got to hang out with him. He doesn’t seem quite as soft and cuddly as his stuffed counterpart.

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