E3 10: Tales From Space: About a Blob shows off at E3

Indie dev DrinkBox Studios knows my weakness: blobs. I am a recent massive fan of games involving blobs thanks to A Boy and his Blob and de Blob. So you can imagine my blob panties getting in a twist when I watched the above trailer for the upcoming PSN game Tales From Space: About a Blob.

The game is a platforming puzzler where you control a blob who eats things and grows bigger as he does. Much like Katamari, as you get bigger the scale of the levels does as well, until you start to devour the entire world. The game has a retro monster movie vibe and looks just quirky enough to stand out from the crowd. We should hopefully get some time with it at E3 this year as Sony is so confident in it they are showing it off at their booth.

About a Blob will be available on PSN some time near the end of this year.

Matthew Razak