E3 10: Sonic has colors, let us show you them

While Sonic 4 might be the game that all Sonic fans have been (wet) dreaming about for the past bajillion and ten years, there is another Sonic game coming our way. Sonic Colors on the Wii is all about making 3D Sonic work from what Dale has told us, and according to him it actually does.

If you don’t believe him take a look for yourself above. That’s on floor video of how solid Sonic Colors is looking. The transitions from 2D to 3D and back really do look great and the 3D stuff actually looks like the fun 3D from the original Sonic Adventure and to a lesser extent Sonic and the Secret Rings (what, it wasn’t the worst Sonic!).

Is anyone else with Dale and you are now more excited for this than Sonic 4.

Matthew Razak