E3 10: Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone

I just thought everyone knew. I found out by surprise, but I didn’t think too much about it until I checked with Square Enix myself. I was at a little shindig last night, and Secret of Mana came up in casual conversation. Of course, I mentioned that the classic SNES RPG is coming to iPhone, and everyone threw their hands up and yelled “WHAT!?” or something similar.

So yeah, Squaresoft classic Secret of Mana will be an iPhone game, coming out very soon. I was previewing another game at Square Enix’s booth, and I heard Secret of Mana music coming out of nowhere somewhere around me. My head whipped around and I saw a screen playing a trailer for the game. Checking with Square Enix, they confirmed that the game would be coming out this year. Excite.

In that same conversation I learned that Final Fantasy Tactics is also coming to the iPhone. Square Enix says that this is based on the PSP version, which I know is going to have mixed reactions. Still, it’ll be great to have both of these games on my phone so I can never finish them again.

Dale North