E3 10: Rock Band 3 on DS detailed

When we found out last week what Rock Band 3 was, we knew there was a DS version in the works, but we knew nothing about it. Now we’ve got an idea. The DS version of Rock Band 3 will feature 25 songs, all of them master tracks from “top artists,” and it sounds as if it will play more like Frequency and Amplitude than the console Rock Band games — the fact sheet mentions “a return to the more traditional phrase-based scoring of previous Harmonix titles.” But it’s similar to the console versions of Rock Band 3 in that it will include keyboards as an in-game instrument!

The career mode will feature narrative “vignettes” as a storytelling tool, and there will also be seven different other modes of play available. The press materials mention no peripherals, so this won’t be like Guitar Hero: On Tour and its plastic DS shell. Check out the gallery for 12 screenshots of the game, which will be out this fall. Are you interested?

Samit Sarkar