E3 10: Power A reveals their new Wii accessories

Videogame accessories! We don’t cover them enough on Destructoid but we’re attempting to give them better coverage. So that’s why I went to Power A’s booth at E3 to see their upcoming product lineup. I saw a number of accessories, such as their Wii lineup.

Up first is the Wireless Ultra Sensor Bar, a great alternative to the standard Wii sensor bar. The larger size of the sensor bar allows for better communication with multiple people and at greater distances too. The bar is going for $19.99 and best of all, it’s an officially licensed Nintendo product.

I also got to check out the Power A Pro Pack Mini controller which is a small sized version of the Wiimote and Nunchuk. I have big hands but the smaller controllers actually feel really comfortable. The grip is nice, the larger sized buttons are much better than the Wiimote’s and the controller will still work with any other accessory such as the MotionPlus attachment.

Would I give up my Wiimote for these smaller controllers? Probably not. But if I was stuck playing with one of these, I wouldn’t complain or use the “you only won that round because you were using a first-party controller!” excuse.

The pack will be going for $49.99 when it’s released in August.

Hamza Aziz