E3 10: Portal 2 in red-hot portal-making action

Alright, here it is. You’ve been wanting to see Portal 2 since it was announced and now IGN has it for us. Three videos of all the Portal 2 action you can handle with commentary. Actually, that is a lie. We could all handle a whole lot more, but this is all we’re getting right now so you better enjoy it.

Of course, the PlayStation 3 is the only way to get the ultimate console version of Portal 2, so that is what we are seeing in the videos. There is a lot of information in these three videos, none of which I want to spoil. Suffice to say that Valve looks to once again be doing some absolutely amazing things with the game. I think your jaw might drop at some of the puzzle possibilities that the videos present.

Check them out and then gush in the comments. A word of warning, though: if you want to be surprised by Portal 2 right off the bat I’d steer clear of these. I’m half regretting watching them already.

Matthew Razak