E3 10: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX? Do tell!

How this one slipped through the cracks, I don’t know. A follow-up to Pac-Man Championship Edition, one of the very best “classic arcade game” refreshes in recent memory, was unveiled at E3.

Pictures aren’t being thrown around — at least not where I’m looking — so the image above is from Pac-Man CE, not the newly announced Pac-Man CE DX for PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Arcade. Such a technical-sounding name! Whatever — it’s going to be more of the same, and that’s perfectly fine with us.

Some of the modes being talked about are Time Attack, Mission Mode (specific goals must be met), and Ghost Mode (you eat as many ghosts as possible), plus the stuff we loved from the previous installment.

So long as my brain continues to be impressed by the way these games seamlessly change the mazes in real time, I will keep buying them. In other words, I’m never going to stop buying them. A fall release is what’s in store for this new one.

Jordan Devore
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