E3 10: Konami offers details on Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Hideo Kojima premiered a new Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer at Microsoft’s E3 keynote this year, and Konami showed the same kick-ass trailer during its show-stealing press conference yesterday. This time, the lead producer, Shigenobu Matsuyama, and the game director, Mineshi Kimura, came out on stage to discuss the game for a while.

The game’s tagline is a made-up Japanese term, “Zan-Datsu,” an amalgam of the words “cut” (zan) and “take” (datsu); it describes a focus of the gameplay. In the trailer, you saw Raiden slice up a cyborg, then rip out its “spine” and absorb the energy contained within it. The game will allow you to take all kinds of things from your enemies, including life/energy, parts, and information, so you’ll have to “strategize what you take.” And because you can “Cut At Will” — aiming where you cut — you’ll be able to make decisions as to whether your strikes will kill or merely maim.

Because Rising is an MGS game, it will have stealth elements — but instead of being slow and plodding because of Old Snake’s physical limitations, the covert action in this game will be sped-up stealth and “height” stealth (that is, acrobatic) — this was summarized by the phrase “hunting stealth.” The game will bridge the gap between MGS2 and MGS4, explaining how Raiden transitioned from his weak-willed self in the former game to the bastion of badassery that we saw in the latter. Kimura noted that he wanted Raiden to move in Rising like he did in the early MGS4 trailer, where he was, y’know, being a cybernetic ninja.

Sounds pretty promising, doesn’t it? Metal Gear Solid: Rising is in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC; it does not yet have a release date. Check out the gallery for a high-res version of the above screenshot, along with an image of the kanji for “zan-datsu.”

Samit Sarkar