E3 10: Kojima teases us again

Really, Kojima? I know you love the teases, but I think we need to have an intervention or something. You’ve already done the mysterious game tease this E3, you don’t get another one. It doesn’t work like that. Fine, we’ll let this mysterious tease at your site go only because we are once again curious as to what you are doing.

We obvioulsy knew of the first two games because Castlevania: Lord of Shadow was announced last year and Metal Gear Solid: Rising got shown off yesterday. However, there is a mystery block with a mystery question mark and a mystery symbol next to the images for these two. What game could that be? Do you suppose we’ll find out at Sony’s press event? Konami’s? Nintendo’s?

I suck at this guessing stuff so I’ll leave it up to.

Matthew Razak