E3 10: Jimpressions of Splatterhouse

Splatterhouse has had a troubled development, to say the least. Its been several years in development, even switching studios in unpleasant circumstances, but now the game has finally approached playable levels and is due for release later this year. Our own Dale North did a full preview of the game, so let’s kick back with some quick Jimpressions. 

I got to play a couple of levels, including a nostalgic sidescrolling section, and I have to say I enjoyed what I played. It’s not the most polished game, nor is it the most deep and complex, but it’s a cool beat ’em up with some terrifically gory attacks. Blood flies everywhere with each punch, splashing on the floor, walls and main character Rick. You can also tear off an anemy’s arm and use it to beat fools to death, although be warned enemies can do that to you as well, and Rick will have to regenerate to get his limbs back. 

Rick earns blood for his kills, which fills a meter. Once filled, he will transform into a monster (a bigger one) that pounds, shreds and slices his enemies to pieces. The screen will also become stylized in a comic book monochrome while Rick remains colorized. It’s a very neat effect and makes the game feel even cooler. 

Splatterhouse won’t win any game of the year awards, but it looks like beat ’em up fans will be pleased with it if they go in expecting this game to be what it is — an unapologetic gore fest where you must press buttons until everything is dead. The fact it comes with bonus content including the original Splatterhouse games just seals the deal. I played, I had fun, and that’s all that matters. 

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