E3 10: Jimpressions of Killzone 3 OMG JETPACKS!

E3 was due to close in thirty minutes. I had only just finished my appointments. I had a text from Sony community manager and Shawshank Redeemer Jeff Rubenstein. He was telling me to get to the Sony booth immediately. Knowing Killzone 3, the sequel to my favorite shooter of 2009, was on the cards, I spent the last of my energy reserves getting there. I think it was worth it.

We already have a preview, but I couldn’t resist squeezing in some time with this game and, most importantly, getting to grips with the jetpack. Nick gave you a full preview, so let’s have some swift Jimpressions. 

Okay, so the jetpack? Badass. Easy to use and designed to make you feel like the death-dealing beast you are, Killzone 3‘s jetpack is awesome. I love the way it envelops the player like a big metal claw, and comes equipped with a machine gun that cooks fools in seconds. The level I played was well designed, crafted superbly to give the jetpack time to shine without feeling like a mess of shoddy first-person platforming. 

Wearing a jetpack is awesome, but fighting Helghast who also have them is even cooler, because when you shoot them, they spiral out of control and hit the ground in an explosion. The general gritty, intense, orange-eyed action of the Killzone series has been preserved, and it looks like Killzone 3 is set to become yet another awesome PlayStation 3 experience when it hits next February. 

Killzone 3 has jetpacks. Killzone 3 is badass. You cannot argue with this.

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