E3 10: Isaac Clarke fights ‘The Puker,’ totally loses

As promised, those who signed up to receive an exclusive clip of Dead Space 2 from Visceral Games should now have an email in their inbox. Follow this link to see the video, but be warned: it’s pretty effed up. You likely gathered that from the header image, though.

Heads up, if you didn’t sign up to receive the video, you’ll almost certainly be prompted to do so upon going to Visceral’s site. It’s a short video, and yes, it is worth watching for all you DS2 hopefuls desperately awaiting more info on the game.

Want more? Of course you do! Check back tomorrow at around 2:00 PM PDT for the Dead Space 2 E3 trailer.

[Update: Thanks to Skribble, we now have ourselves an embedded video. Enjoy!]

Jordan Devore
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