E3 10: ION speaks on mystery ‘Total Control’ controller

Yesterday, we anonymously received images of a rather strange looking ION-branded controller. We reached out to ION to see what it had to say about the unannounced product, and it was surprisingly forthcoming.

The company confirmed that what we’ve seen is called the “ION Total Control,” and it will be revealed at E3 next week. In size and feel, ION says it’s very similar to the Xbox 360 controller, with the triggers replaced by a “patent pending mouse-like button design.” The unique controller is being designed with MMO and first-person shooter players in mind, with 100% customizable back-lit buttons.

“We decided to go with a wired design to provide maximum performance at the lowest price,” the company said regarding its decision to skip the wireless route.

Interestingly, the controller was designed by Jonathan Hayes, the man responsible for overseeing the design of the Xbox 360 console. ION also adds that “leading MMO game designers” provided input on the devices design, as well.

We’ll keep an eye open for this at E3, but now that you know what it is — are there are any MMO or FPS players who think they might get use out of something like this? 

Nick Chester