E3 10: Holmes vs. Bionic Commando Rearmed

Yeah, so I choked pretty bad in this video. The NES Bionic Commando difficulty seems to be back for this sequel; one life, and I was dead after (I think) one hit, though it might have been two.

I did get some more time with the game after this, and the more I played it, the more the jump button grew on me. It feels a bit like cheating when you use it to just jump over a small pit, but when you have to jump, then bionic-grapple an overhead object with precision timing in order to swing over a huge ravine; it’s awesome.

I’m not sure this game will be altogether better than the original, but it’s defintiely different, which goes a long way towards justifying its sequel status. It also looks a lot better than the first Rearmed, though sadly, I didn’t get to see Rad’s new mustache.

Here’s hoping the final build has mustache close-up tickle mode.

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