E3 10: Halo: Reach campaign briefly shown off

Bungie just demoed a portion of the Halo: Reach campaign and damn this game is looking beautiful. The environment looked detailed and polished and there was a lot of action going on throughout the area.

As for what was going on, a group of four Spartan IIIs were dropped off onto the battlefield just as Elites are flooding the area via drop pods. What was really impressive during the demo was seeing one of the Spartan AI partners use Armor Lock to destroy a charging Ghost. Smart AI partners finally?

The demo ends with the Spartan IIIs getting into a ship and launching off into space. It wasn’t exactly clear, but it looks like you are able to control the space ship (called Saber) and shoot at enemy Covenant ships. Hopefully it wasn’t just a cut scene.

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Hamza Aziz