E3 10: GoldenEye announced as Wii exclusive


You can go back and hate on GoldenEye all you want, but the game brought us something amazing. Now it’s coming back on the Wii and it appears to have been revamped, but not entirely changed. The most obvious difference is probably the fact that Daniel Craig has taken the place of Pierce Brosnan, but it does look like the graphics have been updated and new levels and characters are involved.

More importantly, however, is the fact that split screen multiplayer is back. While the game does support online gaming who the hell wants to play GoldenEye like that? 16 multiplayer modes are going to be featured, including “paintball,” “melee” and “You Only Live Twice.” For me this is far better than a download only version of the game as we seem to be getting a solid amount of extra content and an update to a classic game instead of just a port.

Plus, I know you all got shivers the second the bathroom air vent kill popped up on screen.

GoldenEye 007 will land this holiday.

Matthew Razak