E3 10: Gaijin on E3, Bit.Trip 5, and Empire Strikes Back

Alex Neuse and I became friends because I love his games. It’s going to be awkward as hell if he ever makes a bad one. So far that hasn’t happened, but it’s something we’re not afraid to talk about. That’s just one of the issues that pops up in this most(ly) professional chat about life, video games, and everything.

If you’re a Bit.Trip fan, this video is must watch stuff, as you’ll get exclusive Bit.trip 5 info that Alex hasn’t shared with anyone else; hints about how Bit.Trip 5 plays and feels, as well a list of the game’s playable characters. It’s a long video, just over ten minutes, which makes it mini-podcast worthy. My hands are tied on that one. My video producer is indisposed at the moment, so uncut and uncensored is how we have to roll.

Ten minutes may seem like a long time, but we hung out with Alex and co. for much longer than that. After the cameras stopped rolling, he and Gaijin games artist Mike Roush told me about all sorts of stuff; Italian widows with poor social boundaries, cricket eating acquaintances, the list goes on. They also gave me some time with Lilt Line, even more off the record info on Bit.Trip 5, and a peak at a super-secret project that I’m 100% sworn to secrecy about.

As soon as I can share all that info with you, I will. Until then, have some chips and enjoy the show.

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