E3 10: Everything you need to know about Kinect so far

So, Kinect. Kind of a big deal. Or not. Who knows yet as we’ve just started playing with it — look for videos and more impressions soon of us jumping around.

Kinect will be out this November 4 and the price is being rumored to be around $149. That price comes from GameStop’s website, but Microsoft denies the price point. As for the games, well, it all looks like casual filler crap. Some of it does look good, don’t get me wrong, but they’re just not my type of games.

What do you all think? Will Kinect be worth it? Are you planning on getting it? Check out all of our coverage on all things Kinect.

The hardware:
E3 10: Kinect releases worldwide November 4th, 2010!
E3 10: Kinect requires separate power adapter for old 360
E3 10: Retail Kinect pricing ‘purely speculative’
E3 10: GameStop lists Kinect at $149
E3 10: Microsoft press conference live stream/blog
E3 10: A closer look at the final retail Kinect unit
E3 10: Our Kinect reactions… THE VIDEO

The games:
Lose big (weight) with The Biggest Loser for Kinect
Mad Catz ready with Kinect accessories
E3 10: Mizuguchi plays Child of Eden for our enjoyment
E3 10: Sonic Free Riders announced for Kinect
E3 10: Hudson bringing Deca Sports to Kinect
E3 10: Trailer for spiritual sequel to Rez looks amazing
E3 10: Kinectimals is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
E3 10: The future of Forza supports Kinect [Update]
E3 10: Dance Central lets you dance like a single lady
E3 10: Microsoft reveals ESPN integration with Xbox Live
E3 10: New Star Wars title coming to Kinect
E3 10: Kinect Adventures! looks tech demo-y, kind of rad
E3 10: Kinect Sports by Rare brings full-body waggling
E3 10: Ubisoft reveals Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
E3 10: Kinect Joy Ride brings kart racing to Kinect
ABC News plays with the Kinect
E3 10: Cute girl tickles tiger in Kinectimals
E3 10: Using Kinect to control Xbox 360 apps
E3 10: VideoKinect is Skype having sex with Wii Speak
E3 10: BBC say PlayStation Move more accurate than Kinect
Video of Microsoft’s Cirque Du Soleil crazy event
E3 10: Look! Here is another family playing Kinect!

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Hamza Aziz