E3 10: European box art for the PlayStation Move revealed

Sitting at home wondering what kind of box the PlayStation Move is going to come in? Yea, neither was I, but now you know if you live in Europe. If you’re at all excited about picking Move up this is one less step you have to suffer through while you’re at the store. Now you will know the exact box and art to look for when you get there! Never say Destructoid didn’t do anything for you.

I think it’s pretty clear from the packaging the type of consumer Sony is trying to get with Move, but anyone who didn’t know that already is clearly blind to the fact that both Sony and Microsoft are desperately clawing for a piece of Nintendo’s pie.

Glad to see the Move wand is coming in the same impossible to open packaging that the PS3’s controllers come in. Those are just such a blast to open.

Matthew Razak