E3 10: Dead Space 2 rocks my face off, gets dated

Dead Space 2 producer Rich Briggs came on stage during EA’s E3 2010 conference to “wow” us with a live demonstration, and “wow” us he did. The session started in a church, where Isaac was assaulted by a boss and had to hit its weak point for massive damage sort of like the tentacle battles in Dead Space.

Upon hurting the beast, it ran away and a bunch of kid-like Necromorphs rushed after Isaac. Briggs decided running away was a good idea, so that’s what he did. After kicking some ass and crushing a few skulls, the Javelin gun was shown. It shoots out a giant spear that sends enemies flying to the nearest wall.

The game takes place on a city called the Sprawl. After looking outside, a ship shows up and blows out the windows. Isaac is nearly sucked outside, but through a series of careful button presses, makes it into a hatch below. Just then, a new Necromorph screeches right up in his face, and the demo ends.

Executive producer Steve Papoutsis tells us a follow-up to the cliffhanger will be shown at Sony’s press conference. And yes, Dead Space 2 was dated: January 25, 2011 (the 28th in Europe). My jaw dropped.

Jordan Devore
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