E3 10: Crazy dance party breaks out thanks to Toy Story 3

Really, I just claimed this post to tell everyone to go see Toy Story 3 this weekend. I’m not supposed to say anything review-wise until tomorrow, but a nod’s as good a wink to a blind beaver, right?

Anyway, back to the games. In a marketing move far better than EA’s stunt last year, Disney Interactive promoted the upcoming Toy Story 3 game by having a flash mob do a surprise dance number in the middle of the LA Conference’s Center’s entrance hallway. The dancers donned masks that made designed after the three-eyed alien toys and proceeded to cut a rug.

Sadly, none of the Destructoid writers I have spoken with caught the event. I’m not sure what they’re doing over there in sunny California, but it obviously isn’t seeing the best dance show E3 has ever seen. Well, maybe it’s the second best. This one wasn’t “very, very exercise” at all.

Matthew Razak