E3 10: Co-op hands-on with Blacklight: Tango Down

Last time I saw Blacklight: Tango Down, I was presented with a downloadable Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC FPS that comes in at a fair price of $15 and aims to function on a mostly multiplayer basis. With plans for lots of future content and unlockables, this is not a bad thing, especially considering the 12 levels and multitude of modes they hope to have with launch.

While I came away impressed with its thousands of possible loadouts — I found what can certainly be a capable, maybe even fantastic multiplayer game at a great price — the lack of much information on the co-op story campaign was a little disappointing.

Today, however, I was shown a build of Black-Ops, the co-op multiplayer mode where up to 4 players work across the narrative of Blacklight, a dystopian battle between Russians and, uh, the good guys. Things are not quite generic, however. Dudes reminiscent of zombies will occasionally attack, and the weapons, while mostly realistic, border on the unreal in their tech, such as a special scanning visor. Even more, there are grenades that will digitize the screen, or cause opponents to literally have a blue screen of death.

It’s neat, and the game looks pretty great on the PC, passable on the Xbox 360 and PS3 builds. Sure, the game was a little buggy, with a crash on the PS3 version and a lock-up on the PC version, but considering it is an E3 Alpha build, I’m willing to cut the game some slack. For a downloadable title, there is quite a bit that is cool here, and I think there is a lot to look forward to with Blacklight: Tango Down.

Ben Perlee