E3 10: Bulletstorm released February 22, 2011

Cliff Bleszinski has taken the stage for EA’s press conference where the release date was announced for the awesome looking Bulletstorm. That date is February 22, 2011. 

Developer People Can Fly showed off the first level of the game, revealing loads of awesome looking new stuff for our eyes to gobble up like greedy piglets. Shooting mechs, kicking people into electricity, dragging people to you with magic traction, and hearing a character shout “YOU SCARED THE DICK OFF ME” is all part of the fun. It looks over the top and completely effing mental. Love it. 

We’ll get the footage up ASAP where you can see all the cool violence and a new HUD that includes a score tally for your kills. Can’t wait to see more from this amazing title. 

Jim Sterling