E3 10: BBC say PlayStation Move more accurate than Kinect

As you may know by now, Microsoft has turned me off of Kinect completely thanks to its pretentious shenanigans. However, the BBC seems to agree that Kinect is not made of hot stuff, although for a far less personal reason. According to the British outlet, Kinect just can’t match Move for accuracy.

The BBC said that while Kinect was fine for “Wii-like games where you don’t need much precision,” it didn’t feel very accurate and there was room for skepticism when considering how it would handle more “hardcore” titles. Comparatively, Move is a “lot less radical” than Kinect, but the physical controller “delivers a lot more precision.” It would seem that Sony trumps Microsoft in the motion stakes. 

Since last night’s Kinect fiasco, I have never been more excited for PlayStation Move. I am actually excited for Sony’s product because of Microsoft’s big revelation concerning its glorified EyeToy. Looks like MS’ money was well spent on that front.

Will Wii Gamers Want to Kinect or Move? [BBC]

Jim Sterling