E3 09: Why Mighty Flip Champs is your new speed run game

We brought you a preview of WayForward’s newest DSiWare title, Mighty Flip Champs, earlier this week. This dual-screened map flipping puzzle game busts your ass, but in a good way.

I had the opportunity to chat with WayForward’s Chris Losorelli at their offices this past weekend. We talked about the time attack aspect of Mighty Flip Champ‘s game play. Simply trying to get through each level as fast as you can is fine, but if you really want to become hardcore about your speed run times, you’ll need to take advantage of every little frame of animation, and Losorelli gives us a few pointers on what to look for.

We also chat a bit about the character design and story line (or lack thereof).

As we said in our preview, Mighty Flip Champs is mighty addictive, and might be the best offering on the DSiWare store to spend your money on.  Check out our interview video after the jump.

Dale North