E3 09: Spy these The Agency screens

Sony Online Entertainment’s The Agency isn’t a typical MMO. SOE describes it as a “fast-paced, action shooter” set in an online environment. Using either a first- or third-person view, players will be charged with killing each other with their created characters (spies) in a variety of deathmatch style modes or in MMO-type instances.

Instances are, apparently, engaged similarly to Phantasy Star Online. Players can choose multiple exits to different skirmishes in the game’s central hub.

Scant details are scant, but we do have some screenshots available for the game released at E3 this year. If you check them out, you may learn a little bit about the game. It’s all about spies, and uh, killing things.

The Agency is coming to the PC and PlayStation 3 whenever it’s finished.

Brad BradNicholson