E3 09: Scribblenauts solves the most important questions

Those questions include: Who would win a fight between a Kraken and a stegosaurus? Who would win in a fight between a Kraken, God, and Albert Einstein?

The answer, according to 5th Cell’s Scribblenauts, is always the Kraken. 

Scribblenauts was announced last year and we’re finally, six months later, starting to see that it lives up to its promises. The game follows young Maxwell, who wears a rooster helmet (!), as he tries to collect little things called “Starites” by solving puzzles. The puzzles are divided into two categories, “casual” and “core.” While I hate those arbitrary distinctions, 5th Cell’s heart is in the right place: some puzzles involve day-to-day activities (“climb this tree to reach this piece of Starite”) and some of them are more gamey (“avoid this pool of flaming magma and kill some mummies to reach this piece”). That’s interesting, but here’s the catch: the core mechanic involves using an in-game typepad to summon anything you can think of. Check out the E3 trailer for a little demonstration.

More importantly, 5th Cell’s E3 booth featured an open-world level of Scribblenauts where testers could play around and try to find the limits of the game’s dictionary. The guys over at Nintendorks got the chance to fiddle with it, and while the word Obama was a no go, God, Kraken, jackalope, and stegosaurus all make an appearance. And then they duke it out in a Battle Royale of cosmic proportion.The video is after the jump.

Also, it seems that some of the objects were drawn by Paul Robertson, of Pirate Baby Cabana Battle fame, who also worked with 5th Cell for Lock’s Quest.

My girlfriend Andrea is my go-to source for all things cute, and this is what she had to say: “YOU GET TO RIDE A WHALE. YOU GET TO RIDE A WHALE. HE IS RIDING A WHALE.” What else do you need to know? Scribblenauts should hit retailers sometime this year.

[Via Offworld]

Joseph Leray