E3 09: Red Faction dev hopes for a ‘word of mouth’ success

With the utter chaos that is E3 currently taking up virtually all of my free time, I won’t be able to try out Red Faction: Guerrilla until this weekend at the earliest. The game came out today, and although our review won’t be going up until after the convention is over, plenty of other reviews have. The verdict? Unsurprisingly good.

But strong reviews doesn’t necessarily mean strong sales. Gamasutra bumped into Volition community manager J Goldberg on the show floor to ask his thoughts on a certain analyst’s prediction that Guerrilla would fall short of expected sales.

“There are a lot of gamers who are aware of the game,” he says. “Our community site is going nuts. With the acclaim that we’re getting from the review scores, we know that word of mouth is going to carry this game.”

And if it doesn’t? Well, THQ has a backup plan: marketing the hell out of the game. It’s not like I have personal gain riding on Red Faction or anything, but please, let this be a commercial success, instead of Imagine Babyz 2: Look Who’s Talking Now.

Jordan Devore
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