E3 09: PSP Go is real, is in Kaz’s pocket

I knew Sony bigwig Kaz Hirai had something up his sleeve when he showed up on stage at the Sony press conference this morning. But it was in his pocket. And out of this mismatched jacket of his came a PSP Go, in either a silver or white. I don’t care what color it was, though. I need it.

You’ll see that in the video above, as well as hear all the details on Sony’s newest console, set to drop on October 1st. It was that 3D render spinning around that sold me. This system is so much more sexy than the leaked photos were. 

Above, you’ll also see and hear details on the services and software supporting the PSP Go. 

After seeing this, I was almost totally sold on the PSP Go. I did a 178, and not a 180. That was until later today, when I got some hands-on time with the system. Now I’m a full convert. More on that soon.

Dale North