E3 09: Oh look, some Super Mario Galaxy 2 screens!

Every year at E3, I become obsessed with a game and manage to post approximately 7,000 stories about it in the short span of a week. This E3 that game is Super Mario Galaxy 2.

First there was the grand reveal of the stunning trailer during the press conference, and now Nintendo was nice enough to send me (and by “me” I mean “everyone”) some official screenshots of the beautiful, awesome-looking, I-want-to-play-it-right-now sequel. Check them out in the gallery.

It seems there is a semi-negative vibe around the show floor concerning Super Mario Galaxy 2. People all agree it looks amazing, but a lot of people are worried (almost even annoyed) that it looks a lot like the first game. Well, yeah, that is true, but look how many new gameplay mechanics are already shown in what amounted to a two minute trailer? And on that same note, it was only a two minute trailer! Obviously the game will have a lot more to offer in addition to the already amazing addition of things like Yoshi and a massive drill! Majora’s Mask looked a lot like Ocarina of Time at the beginning, but we saw how different that game turned out to be, right? And what about God of War II? Or Uncharted 2? The list goes on and on. Oh, also, the first Super Mario Galaxy was incredible! A sequel is a good thing!

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I am just endlessly impressed by the creativity on display in today’s assets and just want to shout it to the world. ARE YOU LISTENING, WORLD?! SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 LOOKS AMAZING!

Chad Concelmo