E3 09: Nintendo announces Wii Fit Plus

Did you know the Balance Board is apparently its own console now? That’s what Nintendo claimed when they annouced the latest Balance Board game, Wii Fit Plus. Is your regular Wii Fit not giving you enough of a workout? Don’t worry! Now you can not only work out BETTER with the addition of Motion Plus, but you can make your own trainer, your own workout, and exercise EVEN MORE.

Additionally, the ‘game’ will add six new modes, and 15 new balance games, including skateboarding and something weird with numbers. If you don’t already own a Balance Board, the game will come with one, but there will also be a standalone, cheaper option for those who got in on the original Wii Fit craze. I bet my mom will be pretty excited. She likes the original Wii Fit a lot.