E3 09: Monster Racers is cute

Koei was showing its new DS RPG Monster Racers on the E3 showfloor, and it’s actually looking like it could be a lot of fun. It’s Koei’s attempt to capture a part of the Pokémon market, but with more interactivity. The conceit here is that instead of battling, monsters race each other. The clue is in the name! Races are sidescrolling platforming affairs, and Koei was demonstrating the multiplayer at its booth.

I gave the game a whirl against a very pretty Japanese lady and somebody from NIS and actually had quite a bit of fun with it, especially when it came to using the crazy special skills that the adorable little monsters have. I’ve not tried playing against living opponents before, and it was a pleasure getting to kick their arses and come in first. This is because I have the pro skills. 

Koei is yet to show off the RPG part of the game, and I am itching to see how they handle the capturing and training of monsters. It’s a cute little game and could do quite well for itself if it gets the right marketing. We’ll be keeping an eye on it. Well, I’ll be keeping an eye on it. The other staff members can hoof it.

Jim Sterling