E3 09: I played The Price is Right 2010

After checking out Ubisoft’s Press Your Luck 2010 in Target’s Bullseye Lounge at E3, I played The Price is Right 2010. It’s a Wii-exclusive title based off the ridiculously popular game show that every woman over sixty watches religiously.

Just like Press Your Luck 2010, The Price is Right 2010 does everything its source material does, with the exclusion of the dramatic camera pans and an overbearing host; you bid on an item and if you’re the closest to the retail price you get an opportunity to win mad money and prizes via a variety of mini-games.

During my short session, I was able to play Plinko and some sort of magical safe game where you guess the combination. The game’s producer told me that the game had double the amount of objects to bid on (apparently the rehashing of items and prices was a problem with the first game) and mini-games to play.

I missed Barker’s voice, but I certainly got the vibe of the game show while I played and I suppose that’s the most important thing. Unfortunately, I’m not a sixty-year-old woman.

Brad BradNicholson