E3 09: Halo Reach officially announced

Microsoft and Bungie announced the next Halo game right after showing Halo ODST. The next game is called Halo Reach, which we heard was in the works last week. We only saw a quick little teaser showing the planet Reach blowing up.

If you didn’t read the first book in the Halo novel series, the Planet Reach is a human military planet where the SPARTAN II’s were trained. The Covenant eventually find the planet, and like the rest of the human colonies, destroy the planet. The events of the original Halo actually take place moments after the the planet Reach is attacked. 

Halo Reach will be out Fall 2010 and Halo ODST is going to include a multiplayer invitation for Halo Reach. Sounds like Halo Reach will be a whole new expereince. 

Check out our live blog for more on the Microsoft E3 09 press conference going on right now. 

Hamza Aziz