E3 09: Echochrome series goes portable with Echochrono

While I have to be in the right mood to play Echochrome, I absolutely loved everything about the game’s simple look and elegant approach when it was finally released last year (not to mention the soundtrack is gorgeous and one of my favorites of its kind). Apparently the game did well enough to warrant a sequel, which is coming to PSN and PSP this fall, called Echochrono.

The game’s name is a working title, so it may not be called that by the time it’s finally released, but one look at it and you can already tell there are some new things to discover. Color has been added, for instance, and there’s a really cool new gameplay spin: you cannot complete the puzzles on your own, so you will need to work with the ghosts of your previous attempts in order to make it through the game. Cool, right?

Echochrono will feature 30 different puzzle types and 45 total levels, with more to come in the future as downloadable content. I have to say I am looking forward to this one (not to mention a new soundtrack!). Interested, or no?

Colette Bennett