E3 09: DJ Hero to receive day-one downloadable content

While DJ Hero will ship with an ample song selection — 100 individual songs, with 80 unique mixes — Freestyle Games confirmed today its downloadable song plan for the game. 

During a demo of the game today, Freestyle Games’ Chris Lee and Jamie Jackson told us that the content would be available day and date with the game’s ship date, sometime this October. While we didn’t see it in action, DJ Hero will feature a built in “store,” similar to the functionality of the one found in Guitar Hero: World Tour

The game itself seems like a licensing nightmare; each track is a mixed mash-up of two songs. But Activision seems to have it on lock, based on the tracks we’ve seen so far. If it can produce highly quality, frequent downloadable content for the title, it’s possible DJ Hero could replace the iPod as an interactive music dock of choice for future home dance parties.

Nick Chester