E3 09: Dale ‘n CTZ play some Lost Planet 2

I know a lot of people were worried when it was announced that Lost Planet 2 would have four player co-op. After playing the upcoming sequel with Dale North yesterday, I can’t imagine playing any future Lost Planet game without three friends.

We could tell that Capcom really put in a lot of effort to make sure that co-op really worked. We left really impressed with what we saw and decided to copy Burch N’ Davis’ style to tell you all how we felt about the game.

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Dale:  So yeah, Lost Planet 2. That shit was hot!

CTZ:  That shit was tight. I was really impressed with how well the four-player co-op really worked out.
Dale:  It was really great. Better than I expected. I heard the hype that Capcom was spitting out, but it didn’t really click until we played it today.
CTZ:  The gameplay feels the same, well, a little better, but playing with three others made it feel like a whole new experience.
Dale:  Yeah, the game plays tighter than Lost Planet did, but having us four play made it. That four-on-one battle with that … well, what the hell was that beast?
CTZ:  It was the first boss of the game.
Dale:  The whole concept of having massive bosses that require teamwork from all four players to take down is brilliant, don’t you think?
CTZ:  Oh yeah, totally. I loved how you can now go inside some of the creatures and fuck it up from the inside.
Dale:  Or how, if you mess up, the boss literally shits you out hahaha.
CTZ:  Yeah, and it has little mini ball sack looking things that slap you right before you get shit out.
Dale:  hahaha! The dude has ass fangs.
CTZ:  Haha.  I actually got shit out into the deep part of the water once and died. Shit to death.
Dale:  What did you think about how it looked?
CTZ: I loved how we weren’t in the snow anymore. I got so bored with that so fast in the first game.
Dale:  Yeah, that hurt the eyes. But I thought that the boss looked awesome.
CTZ:  Yeah, the boss was very detailed. Had a lot of ways to attack the player too.
Dale:  But all of them required team work. He had a weak spot on his back.
CTZ:  Weak point on his legs, back and insides. It was also pretty smart. It knew who was hurting him the most and would try to go for that player.
Dale:  Yah, and if you hit his weak spot on his back, it would recess into his body. You’d then have to take out his legs to make him fall, then climb into his mouth to take out that weak spot. How badass is that?
CTZ:  Oh I didn’t realize his weak point went hiding into his body.
Dale:  lol. No wonder we died!
CTZ:  Pffft, blame Nick Chester on that at the end of our first try. You and I were just inches away from killing it until Nick sucked it up, haha!
Dale:  Yeah, that’s cool that the team as a whole has a set amount of lives.
CTZ:  That, and the energy from the first game is now used to heal yourself and power the VSes. It’s a little more forgiving now.
Dale:  It’s in your best interest to help out your teammates, as if you let the shitty ones on their own, they’ll use up all your lives. Like Nick. We actually had to play the game twice because Nick sucked so bad. How did he get to be the boss here?
CTZ: Sucking the right peoples dicks.
Dale:  HAHAH!
What did you think about the weapons in LP2? I was mostly machine gunning it, but I did get that big-assed two-handed launcher thing, and some high-powered something or other — sorry, don’t remember the names.
CTZ: I loved the diversity. Lots to choose from. I loved the various grenades. The fire bomb one is the shit.
Dale:  Yeah. I loved that. I also loved that time I was in the boss body and I threw the fire bomb at his weak point and it bounced back and killed me
CTZ:  Damn you suck. Why’d I play with you and Nick?
Dale:  I didn’t pick my assignments!
What were those power nodes that we had to pump up to increase our strength?
CTZ: They were power nodes that increased our strength.
Dale:  lol. They let us heal, gave us extra lives, boosted our attack power. Pretty cool.
CTZ: They also doubled as respawn points.
You mess with the new VS?
Dale:  No I didn’t, did you?
CTZ:  Yeah. You can actually hover in the air and fly around briefly.
Dale:  Nice.
I thought the control was pretty tight. I liked that I jumped, and while I couldn’t see my feet, I still landed where I expected.
CTZ: Yeah, overall I liked it. I just hated that you couldn’t shoot out the hook shot in the air after jumping.
Dale:  Like Bionic Command?
CTZ: I kept thinking Bionic Commando when using the hook shot so I kept jump hook shooting.
Yup, exactly! I never even realized this until playing it, but it feels like Capcom took the hook shot from the first LP, improved the fuck out of it in Bionic Commando, and then brought that into LP 2.
Dale:  Interesting. I wonder if that’s the case. But what it did worked well enough. I heard that there are a lot more of those mega bosses, but with different types of challenges for the teams to figure out.
CTZ: That’s going to be so hot. I know people were worried about the co-op hurting the game, but it works out so perfectly. I can’t imagine playing LP 2 without three others now.
Dale:  Yeah, I came away impressed. And I didn’t expect to. You can tell that they worked hard on making 4P work.
CTZ:  Yup, agreed.
Dale:  It would have been perfect if Nick didn’t suck. It’s not Rock Band, so he couldn’t do it. His idea of four player co-op is with plastic guitars and shit.
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