E3 09: Battle Tanks battles it out with rubber shots

Gameloft had one more game for the console crowd to check out, this time for the Playstation Network. Called Battle Tanks, it’s a twin-stick shooter where you control tanks. In the campaign, you are sent missions to drive over and shoot the other tanks. Along the way, you can get pick up power up in improvement to the typical cannon: rocket launchers, flame throwers and the sort.

For fans of these sorts of games, there are multiplayer modes as well. The campaign can be completed in two player co-op, or you can go in opposition with 4 player battle mode. Battles are chaotic, and the tanks move with a decent enough clip that you can dodge the onslaught of tank shots bouncing around.

That’s right, the bullets in this game bounce around off walls, which is probably the most interesting feature of the game. Shoot in the wrong direction, and that bullet can go right back into your face. And kill you. Think about it. You’ll be incinerated inside a tank, a wrecked, smoldering corpse of a body, if that. Think of your family. Think of the life you gave up. All because you missfired a shot and blew yourself up. Think about this before you go helter skelter, tiger. You could be dead.

Ben Perlee