E3 09: Band Hero artists revealed, includes…Janet Jackson?

Given what little information know about Activision’s upcoming Band Hero, we just assumed it was Guitar Hero with more “mainstream” pop artists artists. Being the first E10+ game in the series, we weren’t really sure what to expect from the game’s music. 

On one of what seems like a billion jumbo-tron screens, Activision was pimping all of its Hero games, Band included. The never-before-seen trailer revealed some of the 50-plus artists that would appear in the game, including: Janet Jackson; Jesse McCartney; Culture Club; Snow Patrol; The Go-Gos; Fall Out Boy; The Turtles; Marvin Gaye; and Maroon 5.

Well, that’s… interesting. Which Janet Jackson song do you hope to be rocking with three other friends this November, when the game ships? For my money, I don’t think “What Have You Done For Me Lately?” can be beat.

Nick Chester