E3 09: Atlus talks Trauma Team

I’ve made it clear in the past that I’m pretty much obsessed with any and everything having to do with Atlus’ Trauma Center series. A few days before this year’s E3 kicked off, Atlus announced Trauma Team for the Nintendo Wii, an all new adventure which allows you to play as any one of six characters working in a bustling hospital.

When I visited Atlus at this year’s E3, I had a chance to sit down with PR extraordinare Aram Jabbari and find out a little bit more about what to expect from Trauma Team when it comes out in 2010. Hint: it’s going to be a little less over-the-topand more realistic than what you’re used to. Does this mean I don’t get to fling my hand dramatically in the air and yell “Let’s begin the operation!” anymore?

Colette Bennett