E3 09: Activision announces games, may expand Call of Duty

Yesterday’s Activision conference brought out a lot of confirmed projects for the company. Unsurprisingly, we’re going to see another Tony Hawk game in 2010 and — brace yourselves — there will be a game based on Shrek 4. Other titles announced include use of the licenses for Spider-Man, James Bond and Transformers, though with no known films set for release in that year, it’s likely that they’ll be unrelated to any specific movie.

More interesting is the suggestion that the Call of Duty franchise may be expanded to include “related genres.” Tantalizing, isn’t it? Could this possibly mean an RTS? Maybe. I think I’d like to see the series make its way into more creative territory, like a dating sim that takes place on a Navy submarine during a six-month, silent-running tour of duty. That would be hot.

Conrad Zimmerman