E3 09: AAF E3 Special! Into the Pixel

Art is a very important part of gaming. It all goes in a great big circle. Concept art gives way to videogames, and then those who love the games pay tribute to them through art of their own. It only makes sense that there is a special place within E3 where game art takes a front seat.

The Into the Pixel exhibit was back again at E3 09 to delight all those who love videogames, art, and the two combined. There were a lot of great pieces up for show this year, and even though only a third about them were brand new (the other two-thirds were from 2008’s show, and even a few from 2007 made an appearance), it was awesome to see them all in person, no matter if I had seen most of them in posts from years before. Again, they weren’t in the best place to garner attention, but most of them were grouped together in a semi-high traffic area, at the very least. There were about a dozen others admiring the works alongside me.

The gallery below showcases all the new pieces of art that were up this year. Out of them, I think I enjoy the Rabbids Go Home painting the most, but it is really hard for me to choose. The Fable II piece is also very charming, as is the Dirk Dagger illustration, and I really love the style and colors of the  Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty scene illustrations and the simplistic drawing from The Conduit. Which of this year’s new entires do you like? Can you guess what games some of the less obvious artworks are from?

Ashley Davis