E3 08: [UPDATE] Lips lets you use your own music

One of the many games shown off at Microsoft’s press conference was iNiS Studios’ karaoke game, Lips. Lips is a mash of Karaoke Revolution and Rock Band with a very distinct visual flair and attitude about it. Some key facts were unveiled today, including the impressive ability to allow players to utilize either their Zune or iPod to sing whatever they desire. This music-grabbing mechanic seems akin to the original Xbox title Music Mixer in which you could access songs saved on the Xbox hard drive.

In addition to that, Lips will ship with two wireless microphones, both of which are motion sensitive and have flashing lights. If anything spells “Wii-killer,” it is an apparatus that both flashes and senses motion at the same time. The real idea behind the motion sensing is for players to be able to gyrate and bump their flashing microphones as if they are holding a real strobing percussion instrument for specific song segments. Think Rock Band, but slightly more elaborate. Two additional people can also get in on some mad Lips percussion-action by simply using the Xbox 360 controller. Apparently, players can assign their controller brethren specific percussion instruments, including the cowbell, so they can join in on the action instead of just laughing at you for acting so weird.

Lips is also promising downloadable music content in addition to using your own. Some of the featured artists shipping with the game are Young MC, Duffy, as well Peter Bjorn and John. I have no clue who any of those people are, but I’m not exactly known for my musical tastes or experience.

Hit the break for the announcement trailer shown at the press conference, and take a gander at the screenshots below. Are you ready to jump around with a flashing phallus in your hands while singing? God knows I am.


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