E3 08: The next Wii Remote may include MotionPlus

As we revealed to you previously, MotionPlus is a nifty little tool for the Wii Remote that actually gives the sense of 3D awareness. Recently at an E3 roundtable, Nintendo designer Katsuya Eguchi was asked if the MotionPlus would always be an attachment to the bottom of the Wii Remote. His response was nothing but formal.

As to looking at whether or not it will be an attachment or built in – we’re always looking at how hardware should evolve and where we should take it.

When Eguchi was asked to reveal more insight into the matter, he said, “it might be good to keep it as an attachment we only use for certain software.” That statement directly corresponds with a remark made earlier in the roundtable about keeping the attachment casual. Apparently, the casual market is afraid of having their motions tracked by a controller, even though they swing their hand around like the Wii Remote is actually doing that anyway.

The one thing Nintendo could do for me with the attachment is to make sure it never gets stuck somewhere irretrievable in my couch. Controllers, remotes, and even game boxes are easy to dig out between the cushions. Small devices like the MotionPlus or Rumble Packs quickly become a burden to me. Unfortunately, it appears that my couch problems may be permanent if Eguchi’s relation to the casual market is any indication.

[via gamesindustry.biz]

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